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A question for you:


Would like to work when you want, where you want, and how you want?

Think about how nice it would be to set your alarm to whatever time YOU choose — or not even set an alarm at all!

Maybe you’d like to hop on a plane next week to visit your friends or family, or just go on a spontaneous trip to somewhere new.

Do your shopping outside of peak hours, or go on a refreshing hike when everyone else are stuck at work.

In other words, wouldn’t it be amazing to have the freedom to design your life as YOU want it?

To most people, it sounds too good to be true.

For me and many others, however, it is a reality that we are blessed to live every single day.

But how did we achieve this incredible freedom?

It’s simple:

Online income streams.

You see, the rough, early days of online business are now (thankfully) far behind us.

Today, you don’t need to code or deal with unreliable, confusing programs.

We now have tons of easy-to-use software and refined infrastructure for just about everything.

As long as you have the right information, it’s not that complicated to get started.

But that’s the main problem, isn’t it?

Finding and applying the right information.

The internet revolution became a double-edged sword:

On the one hand, we have so much information available that you can find almost anything you want to learn, IF you know where to look.

On the other hand, there has never been so much NOISE, so much useless, time-wasting stuff to get distracted and confused by, as there is today.

So, your challenge is this:

How do you find the information you NEED in order to build an online business, without spending months, if not years, sorting through hundreds of pages, videos, and podcasts?

The answer is simple:

You need a step-by-step, easy-to-understand blueprint made by someone who did all the research and testing for you.

That’s why I created the Golden Site Game Plan.



Note: the bonus will be completed by 09.2021.

Get the Game Plan!

A Streamlined Video Course With What You Need

From my 5+ years of experience, I’ve distilled the most vital points of the process into an efficient and effective blueprint that anyone can pick up and use.

And it’s all presented in a series of organized, concise video lessons to make it as convenient as possible for you.

With the Golden Site Game Plan, you'll learn about:

  • An essential part of the site building process that’s almost never talked about
  • The vital mindset shifts you NEED to make to succeed with money sites
  • How to find new niche ideas for your websites
  • The key criteria for testing whether a niche is profitable or not
  • What you should (and shouldn’t) do to create your own brand
  • How to build a solid foundation to improve your chances of success
  • What important settings, themes, and plugins you need to have
  • How to optimize the beginning stage of your new website
  • An easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial for a sleek, effective website design
  • How to plan out your content and post types the smart way (without all the useless stuff that’s usually recommended)
  • The Guidelines for Golden Writing — take your content to the next level!
  • How you should go about creating, polishing, and proofing your articles
  • Two important content checkups you need to make to stay safe
  • How to do efficient email marketing for your website and brand
  • Monetization strategies — what you should do and what you MUST to avoid at all costs
  • A.S.P. and its ESSENTIAL role in designing a more enjoyable lifestyle with maximum freedom
  • The second seeding and why, when, and how to do it successfully

    And more.

    Over 60 video lessons and counting!

Stop wasting your time with mediocre “side hustles” & weak strategies!

Most gurus teach you how to create basic affiliate websites that push low-tier products for measly commissions.

If you’re lucky, these mediocre sites give you monthly earnings that barely cover a week’s worth of groceries.

This is no way to reward your precious time and energy.

Forget grinding away on so-called “side hustles”.

You need to get more focused and efficient!

One site’s monthly income without the GSGP model:

One site’s daily income with the GSGP model:


Better strategy = bigger payments:

Get the Game Plan!

No subscription fees or upsells to be found here.

Just a one-time payment and you get lifetime access to the whole course, the resources, the bonus + ALL future updates!

Tired of listening to marketing gurus for hours on end without getting the results you want?

I’ve been there — it’s frustrating as all h”%!.

You put in the hours to research, design, write, and all the rest, wondering why your business just isn’t taking off…

I still remember my big "a-ha!" moment like it was yesterday:

I had recently joined the Facebook community of a so-called blogging expert.

But to my surprise, nobody in this “master mind group” was making any money.

(Well, technically some of them were, just not anything worth mentioning).

I clearly recall the post that made me go “I’m outta here”.

It was a poor lady that had been working on her site part-time for over a year, and she had finally hit the $100-dollar-a-month mark (before taxes and expenses, mind you!).

And the worst part, everybody I saw was congratulating here like it was some huge achievement!

Had the naysayers been right all along?

Was building websites just a huge waste of time and money?

I got a bad feeling in my stomach.

I decided to leave my website that I had worked so hard on and put all my focus back on my old business.

Even if I didn’t like it, at least it made me OK money, and I wouldn’t have to get a nine to five again.

But two months later, I started to get this gut feeling…

“Come on, there has to be another way to make it work — there has to be some other strategy that these gurus aren't teaching!”

After searching for answers for several months, I finally started to find some new, VITAL pieces to the puzzle.

It seemed so obvious once I found them, yet nobody was teaching this…

After a lot of trial and error, I finally put together a blueprint for building successful websites that I could replicate over and over.

This new strategy was 100% focused on making money — not blogging, getting traffic, or “growing an audience".

Sure, you need traffic to make a profitable site, but CONVERSIONS ARE KEY.

Time and time again, I've seen people in these guru groups get lots of traffic yet make little-to-no money!

They get so caught up in all the details that they lose sight of what REALLY matters:

Conversions, sales, money, PROFITS.

Attention needs to be monetized in a smart, efficient way.

You also need to set up a sustainable system that doesn’t take too much work to maintain after it’s built.

That way, you can enjoy the fruits of your work long after it’s completed, and it’s much easier to keep stacking your progress.

With the Golden Site Game Plan, I’ll show you how to do it.

This course is NOT for you IF:

  • You want to squeeze an extra 0.3% of traffic out of your pre-existing websites using super-complex SEO techniques.
  • You’re only after get-rich-quick schemes & not interested in learning anything sustainable.
  • You insist on running a casual lifestyle blog that may or may not turn a profit during the next 100 years.

This course IS for you IF:

  • You want to create a real, location-independent business where you set your own work hours.
  • You want to know how to stack long-term, passive income sources online.
  • You’re willing to follow a blueprint that puts potential earnings above feel-good BS.

Lifetime Access


One-time payment.

  • 60+ video lessons
  • 7 easy-to-follow stages
  • Site design template tutorial
  • Practical step-by-step instructions
  • Downloadable resources
  • Exclusive top-tier strategies
  • BONUS: Additional study & resources section (completed by 09.2021)
  • All future updates included


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