Refund Policy

Last updated: March 10, 2021

Due to the nature of our products sold on, we cannot, and do not, offer refunds.

When you buy any of our courses at, you are given immediate access to a whole library of video lessons along with many downloadable resources. There is no time-gating and none of the content is locked in any way.

Thus, if we offered refunds, it would open us up to abusive behavior from certain individuals, as all they would have to do is to buy a course, consume all of the content, download all the resources, and then issue a refund.

Based on our own and many of our colleagues’ experiences, such behavior does take place far too often. Besides being unfair to our regular, trustworthy customers who gladly pay for the value our products provide, such behavior would majorly hurt us in regards to wasted time and money and jeopardize the sustainability of our business.

As we wish to grow as a business and keep creating new learning opportunities, as well as adding to and updating our existing ones, we cannot, and do not, offer refunds for our products under any circumstances.

We encourage our customers to read the landing page of a product in detail, as well as watching the video titled “A Look Inside (Video)” on said page, which will give an overview of the content included in the course in question.